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Hi there!

Hey there, I'm Kat, and I'm here to rock your world in the most amazing way possible! With a whopping two decades of experience under my belt, I've been on a mission to empower incredible individuals like you to soar to unprecedented heights in their careers. I'm not just here to help; I'm here to get down in the trenches with you and truly understand your wildest dreams. Buckle up because together, we're going to unleash your inner powerhouse, conquer those obstacles like the boss you are, and cook up some tailor-made, out-of-the-box solutions that will launch you straight into the stratosphere of success.

My entrepreneurial journey is rooted in my deep-seated passion for supporting local businesses, a value instilled in me from childhood. Growing up in a family business environment, I learned the intricacies of entrepreneurship and developed a profound appreciation for the autonomy and creativity it offers.

To bolster our family's photography business, I delved into graphic design, not just for aesthetics but to contribute to our family legacy. During college, I gained marketing experience at a nationally recognized brand. After graduating, I excelled in the beauty industry, aiding over 100 independent salons through education, sales, and brand representation. Guided by my passion for empowerment, I led a high-impact team at medtech startup, unveiling the immense potential of collaborative, innovative thinking.

In 2020, I departed from traditional employment to help small businesses and nonprofits navigate pandemic challenges as an independent contractor and consultant. Today, my purpose is clear: uplifting and empowering a rapidly growing community of entrepreneurs. It's all about embracing your roots and chasing your dreams!

But my passion for helping people realize their dreams isn't just confined to my nine-to-five hustle; it's what lights up my world even after hours. When I'm not hanging out with my amazing kids or exploring the coolest new restaurants with my awesome fiancé, I'm pouring my heart into directing a not-for-profit gymnastics program. And if that weren't enough, I launched SisterShip Small Groups, an adventure club exclusively for women. These experiences have taught me that owning a business isn't just about chasing dreams; it's a profound responsibility that shapes not only the present but also the future, a canvas where dreams come to life and thrive.

I'm a dreamer, no doubt about it. You know that saying, "Where there's a will, there's a way"? Well, that's practically my life motto! I thrive on conjuring up ingenious solutions to the trickiest of problems, and I owe my success to my knack for thinking outside the box and learning whatever it takes to conquer any challenge that dares cross my path. So, together, let's tap into your remarkable strengths, tackle those obstacles head-on, and pave a path to success that's not just achievable but downright thrilling. I'm beyond excited to witness the incredible journey we're about to embark on together!


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Years of photography experience


Years of Professional Graphic Design Experience


Years of B2B Marketing Strategy Consulting Expertise


Years of Web Design Experience


Years of Leadership Development Expertise


Years Award-Winning Sales Performance


Years of Accomplished Business Consulting Experience


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Awards + Accolades

2022 Joseph Meschede Award of Excellence
Presented by the German-American Society for recognition for outstanding achievements to the organization.

2019 Smile Award
Presented by Smile Direct Club in recognition of outstanding leadership and the delivery of world-class service with a Net Promoter Score of 88

2019 Grinner Circle - #1
Presented by SmileDirectClub, in recognition of exceeding all expectations and delivering the highest results globally in sales, completion, conversion, and customer satisfaction.

2018 Grinner Circle - Top 10

Presented by SmileDirectClub, in recognition of outstanding leadership and exceeding expectations by delivering high, completion, conversion, and customer satisfaction.

2015 Rising Star Award
Presented by National Salon Resources in recognition for Exemplary Dedication in Driving Growth and Building Customer Rapport



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