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In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, every business owner wears a multitude of hats, juggling numerous responsibilities to bring their vision to life. I'm Kat Hope Jones, the driving force behind Kat Hope Jones Creative Solutions, and I've spent over two decades supporting independent businesses, gaining a profound understanding and appreciation for the challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

The pivotal moment that led to the inception of Kat Hope Jones Creative Solutions occurred in March of 2020, when the world was grappling with the unprecedented challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Witnessing the profound impact it had on local businesses and nonprofits, I found myself on a temporary furlough from my previous employer, searching for ways to contribute. Recognizing the dire need for creative problem-solving, I volunteered my expertise to help these struggling businesses overcome their unique hurdles.

Throughout 2021, as layoffs and business closures became distressingly common, a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit began to emerge within my community. Despite the adversity, a new wave of businesses was rising, and their determination was awe-inspiring. It was during this time that I faced a pivotal decision – the opportunity to return to full-time employment presented itself, but my heart was firmly set on continuing to support these budding entrepreneurs.

Kat Hope Jones Creative Solutions was born from the belief that dreams are worth pursuing, collaboration is powerful, and together, we can achieve anything. Here you'll find more than a consultant, but dedicated partner in turning your aspirations into reality.





The mission is simple...

Encourage individuals to believe their dreams are worth pursuing

Empower entrepreneurs to kickstart their businesses successfully

Equip independent business owners with the essential tools and resources to flourish



Hi, I'm Kat, a problem-solving enthusiast with a knack for transforming challenges into exciting opportunities. My professional journey started in the 90's at my family's photography studio, where I learned the art of combining creativity and strategy in business.

After college, I led a regional marketing team representing renowned brands before shifting my focus to support over 100 independent businesses as a salon consultant in 2009. In 2017, I led a team at a groundbreaking medtech startup receiving global recognition for our accomplishments. Since 2020, I've enjoyed empowering independent businesses in my community reach new heights.

Outside of my professional life, I'm deeply dedicated to my family and community. I enjoy spending quality time with my two wonderful kids and sharing culinary adventures with my amazing fiancé, Conor. I also serve as the director of a not-for-profit children's gymnastics program and proudly lead SisterShip Small Groups, an adventure club exclusively for women, which I founded in 2022.

My journey has shaped me into the problem solver I am today. From photography to marketing and entrepreneurship, I've honed my skills in creative problem-solving and strategic thinking. My passion for helping others thrive continues to drive my career. I look forward to the exciting challenges and opportunities ahead. Thanks for getting to know me!

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